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For any questions and inquiries please contact us using one of methods below. All questions will receive an answer as soon as possible. It is encouraged to ask any questions before ordering to help ensure the product you are considering will work well for your project.

All technical questions regarding any of the products will be answered by the Lead Designer, who will have knowledgeable solutions to any question.

Northern Lights Electronic Design, LLC
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Ph: 612-547-9495
11am - 7pm, Central Time, Monday - Saturday
Jeffrey Nygaard

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Offering Design, Engineering, Consultation, and Manufacturing of electronics worldwide and locally to Minneapolis area. Specializing in LED controllers and LED products for everyone from hobbyists to commercial installations such as museums, trades shows, theater, and other entertainment industries.

Customized or standard distributions of any firmware or software created by Northern Lights Electronic Design, LLC is available for licensing and resale. Please Contact Us for details.