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NLED Pixel Controller Electron

addressable pixel controller ws2812 ws2801 lpd6803

The Pixel Controller Electron is designed to be the smallest, most versatile pixel controller available with the ability to control most any type of addressable pixel. It features a 3-axis accelerometer for feedback and is optimized for flow toys, wearable applications, and dynamic lighting applications. Using the free software NLED Aurora Control, the user can create endlessly customizable color sequences and patterns, as well as P.O.V(Point of Vision) graphics. With 16 megabytes of onboard flash memory, accessible over micro USB and through addon WiFi or Bluetooth modules. No need for SD cards, readers, or extra equipment, all that is required is a micro USB cable same as your smart phone uses. It is compatible with voltages as low as 2 volts, no need for boost circuits or extra batteries. In addition to the the powerful stand-alone features, it also is capable of direct control of the outputs through TTL serial from external devices such as X-Bees, Arduinos, and FTDI adapters. It also supports DMX-512 reception, with a special stand-alone sequence control method, which allows sequences to be triggered and controlled.

NLED Pixel Controller Ion

addressable pixel controller ws2812 ws2801 lpd6803

This controller from NLED packs many features into a small form factor. It supports various communication methods for direct control of the outputs, such as USB, TTL serial, or DMX-512. But the focus of the design is the powerful stand-alone color sequence support. The software NLED Aurora Control, allows a user to interface with the controller and create custom color sequences, including custom POVs, that can be uploaded to the controller over USB. The controller supports up to 512 channels(170 RGB pixels) and will run the loaded color sequences without any data or computer connection. The small size, low current, 3-axis accelerometer, and dynamic stand-alone color sequences make this controller a good choice for wearables, hoops, staves, poi, bikes, and other controllable pixel based projects. The device currently supports several of the most popular pixel chipsets, with the ability to easily update the firmware with new features and chipset support.

NLED 30 Channel High Current LED Controller and NLED Quasar

high current 12 volt led strip controller

This 30 channel LED controller from NLED is a versatile design with the ability to run powerful stand-alone sequences or can be controlled remotely using USB, DMX-512, or standard TTL serial. It is compatible with an external LED display that is used for displaying device states and for adjusting the device's configuration options such as the DMX address, selecting a stand-alone color sequence, or serial baud rate, among others. The software NLED Aurora Control is the easy-to-use software that can be used to create and upload custom color sequences to the controller, for it to run by itself without any data connections. It supports either 30 single color channels, 10 RGB channels, 7 RGB+W/U.V. channels, or a mixture of single/RGB/RGBW can be controlled. Either of the communication methods can be utilized to control the output channels. Each communication method supports 8-bit or 16-bit data, as the controller offers 12-bit(4096 levels) PWM resolution outputs. Best utilized with 12 volt LED strip(any configuration or color) or other high-wattage type LED configurations as the device supports up to 6A per output channel.

NLED 4 Channel DMX Wash Controller - Build Custom RGB+W/U.V. Wash/Flood

4 channel dmx wash flood light diy

This DMX connected LED controller from Northern Lights Electronic Design, is designed for DIY LED wash/flood light construction. With numerous features including 8-bit and 16-bit DMX reception modes, serial reception mode, stand-alone sequences, and an external 3-digit LED display for adjusting the configurations and options. No more reading and setting DIP switches, the configurations such as DMX address and reception modes can be adjusted easily. Serial reception allows many other TTL serial devices, such as Arduino, FTDI adapters, and wireless XBees to control the device. And for when a data signal is not available or required, there are several stand-alone sequences that the device can run, with the option to upload customized sequences through specialized software. With four, high current sinking outputs, many different LED configurations can be utilized, such as LED strip, high wattage LEDs, or LED arrays. RGB+W or RGB+U.V. or any combination of single color LEDs can be utilized.

NLED Four Channel LED Controller

4 channel dmx wash flood light diy 12 volt strip

The NLED Four Channel Mini LED Controller is packed with features in a small form factor. It offers 4 channels of high current outputs at extremly fast PWM frequencies, with up to 10-bits(1024 levels) of resolution. The outputs can be controlled with either DMX-512, using one of the many reception modes. TTL serial, at any baud rate, control the device from any serial device such as an Arduino, XBee, or similar. And full NLED Aurora Control software support which allows customizable stand-alone color sequences to be created and uploaded to the controller. Designed for controlling 12 volt RGB or RGBW LED strips, bars, and other LEDs that require constant voltage control. Perfect for your DIY wash lights, wearables, stage lighting, or any other project that requires dynamic LED control.

NLED Pixel Controller Micro - DMX, Serial, Decoder Mode

dmx serial ws2801 sk6812  ws2812 lpd8806

This pixel controller from NLED is the most effective solution yet for control of addressable LED pixels over DMX-512 or TTL serial. It is a small form factor that is easy to use and setup, but still has many features packed in. It supports all the common chipsets from WS2811, WS2812, WS2801, APA102, SK6812, and numerous others, with a platform that is easily updated additional chipset support can be implemented. The controller allows the chipset to be easily selected on the fly, in circuit with no removal, and no complicated charts to reference.

NLED Pixel Controller Mini - Basic Multi-Pixel Type, DMX & Serial

dmx serial ws2801 ws2811 ws2812 lpd8806

The NLED Pixel Controller Mini supports several of the most popular pixel types and has the ability to accept standard DMX-512, in addition to TTL serial signals from a computer, microcontroller, Arduino, Xbee, or other TTL serial devices. Several configuration options, such as pixel IC type, amount of pixels to control, reception baud rate, and end-of-frame spacing can be customized to work well with your project. All configurations are changed over the serial connection header or through the DMX hardware(RS-485) using a compatible serial adapter or DMX transmitter. This small(1.5" x 1.5" x 0.5") design is great for small amounts of pixels for DMX control, strands, rope style lights, or even low-pixel LED matrices. Serial control is compatible with NLED Matrix, the Java based open-source LED Matrix control and mixing software.

NLED 16-Bit RGBW Lamp Controller

16 bit dmx serial led strip 12 volt

The NLED 16-Bit RGBW Lamp Controller is designed for small LED based mood lamps and color washes. It features a rotary encoder(dial) with a button for user control, adjust the sequence, speed, intensity, and manually select colors. The device is compatible with the NLED Aurora Control software, which allows the user to connect the device to a computer over USB and design custom color sequences that can be uploaded to the controller, for it to run by itself, without a computer. This controller features 4 channels of 16-bit PWM, which can create trillions of unique colors with completetly smooth fade transistions. The multiple channels allow for 4 different groups of LEDs to be controlled, such as RGB, RGB+White/UltraViolet, or multiple single colors. It offers the ability to control the outputs over USB, serial from an Arduino or similar, and DMX-512(model B) with selectable 8-bit and 16-bit reception modes.

NLED WS2801 MOSFET Driver Module

WS2801 pixel MOSFET high voltage 12 volt

Based on the WS2801 chipset this 3 channel MOSFET driver allows high current and/or high voltages(5v to 60v) to be controlled just like a standard WS2801 pixel. Great for controlling 12 volt RGB LED strips or other types of high wattage LEDs in various configurations. Operates just like any other pixel, so they can be chained together or controlled by themselves. Easy to interface to from an Arduino, PIC or other logic devices with a SPI port. The control scheme is simple, send 3 bytes of data for every module in the chain using a standard SPI port, waiting at least 500uS between updates. Or they can be controlled with one of the many NLED Pixel Controllers.

NLED OctoSequencer Controller

8 channel LED sequencer customizable small

The NLED OctoSequencer is designed for those projects that require some dynamic LED control but require a very small form factor and/or low cost. This controller features 8 channels of individually controllable outputs, capable of up to 25mA each. Each output can be controlled by itself, and using the free software NLED Aurora Control, you can create LED sequences that are customized for your project. The single multi-use button allows easy control of the device's user functions, such as sequence up, power off, dimming, and power down timers. The large voltage range allows batteries or plug-in power supplies to be used. Designed for use in model cars, trains, and diorama, but that is a few of the many uses this controller could be utilized for.

LED Pixel Products

apa102, ws2801, pixel, panel, product

Numerous pixel and LED based products, such as panels, strips, boards, and modules.

Add On Cards

add, on, card, board, pixel, controller, wifi, dmx

Various products designed to add additional functions to NLED Pixel Controllers.

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