Located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA. We offer many services related to electronics design and manufacturing. Whether you have a project large or small, locally in Minneapolis, or anywhere in the world, Please Contact Us with any inquiries.

Services & Capabilities:

The entire NLED catalog of Hardware, Controllers, Firmware, and Software is available for licensing. Including customizaiton and implentation into client products and services. Please contact for details and pricing.

The NLED Aurora LED control stack runs on many processors and controllers, fully supported by the NLED Aurora Control software. Save design time and upfront costs by incorporating the Aurora stack into your next LED control product.

All NLED products are available for special order in volumes greater than 50 pieces. At no additional charge, the client can request hardware changes such as RoHS, connectors, board color, and branding.

Programming and Source Coding:

Hardware Design and Manufacturing:

Special Services: