NLED Aurora Control Software - Color Sequence Design Software

rgb rgbw led control software Compatible with most NLED LED controllers, the software is used to create a multitude of patterns and sequences on a computer then, upload them to the compatible controller for it to run by itself, without a computer connection. The simple GUI makes it easy for anyone to create custom color sequences of any sort and upload them to the controller, over USB. Great for any LED project that requires custom color sequences. In addition to standalone sequences, it also supports USB Live Control, send packets over USB to the device and it will display them. It supports single color, RGB, or RGBW LED configurations.

NLED Matrix Patcher - Patch File Creation Software

pixel patching software Used mostly for NLED Matrix to create the pixel layouts for LED matrices. The software uses the patch file to interpret where pixels are in relation to the others and sends the data accordingly. This patching software is also compatible with the newst version of NLED Aura Control.

NLED Live Patcher Software

pixel patching software This software application is a work in prgoress. The software allows various LED matrix control softwares to have their serial port data streams intercepted and a pixel patch or pixel mapping applied to it. This allows many different applications that output square/rectangular data to work with odd-shaped LED matrices of all kinds. Software(such as the third-pary software Glediator or Jinx) outputs to a virtual serial port(com0com for example) and this small processing app intercepts the incoming data from that serial port. And converts it into patched/mapped data stream, then sends it to the hardware interface device(FTDI, NLED controller, etc) that controls the LED pixels.

NLED Matrix - Control and Mixing Software

open source LED screen mixing software NOTE: This software is for development and refrence only, not recommended for novices or for important applications. NLED Matrix is a Java based application used for mixing and controlling video content to output to a custom DIY LED Matrix or matrices, which can be of any shape and size. NLED Matrix supports pixel patching, which allows the user to create the order in which the software outputs the data to the LED Pixels. That means any shape of LED matrix, any layout, any color order, with any type of control scheme can be made to work with the software. It allows two feeds of video data, either from a file such as .MOV, from an image, from a external video feed, or from any of the numerous generated content. The mixed video feed can be sent over Serial(USB Adapter, or RS-485 adapter), TCP, or UDP.

Written in Processing( to be free, open source, and easy for anyone to modify to suit their needs. It supports all types of RGB(any order) pixels, single color LED pixels, and RGBW pixels.(RGBW may or may not be implemented in current version, check change log)

NLED Controller Configuration Software

For use with compatible NLED Pixel Controllers, allows the configurations and options of a controller to be selected and setup from a computer. Connects over a Serial/COM Port or USB. See included README and/or device's datasheet.